Friday, February 26, 2016


Sabarmathi ......Non Violence....Poorna Swaraj....Peace....Strength....Service....Persistence....

The above are few words that comes to mind which empowers our nervous system. Recently I had been to Ahmedabad for a purpose. When I said PURPOSE until I made it caps the whole essence would have lost. That is what our life is.

Though the words like


is mentioned in the first line until importance is given in a way of highlighting those words as above this is easily surpassed by us.

Let us take some time to discuss on these words, their meaning and how they can help us in our purpose. The whole search of man ends with the identification of purpose. When you don't have a purpose in you then you may not be enjoying your life. You might feel that you are missing something in life.

My visit to Ahmedabad is in turn to fulfill my purpose which I had identified and been living for more than a decade.

Why we are discussing about purpose here?

Sabarmathi is a place no can afford to forget in their lifetime. This is the place of purpose, and been lived every moment to fulfill it. Gandhiji had lived his purpose here. When someone asked me what is so special about Sabarmathi apart from Gandhiji, I was startled by the question. I was thinking in many levels and finally I came to an conclusion  and said to that gentleman "If you want to experience how one can live a life of purpose then you be their" .

This purpose is to serve humanity to live in harmony without any discrimination in the form of religion, caste etc. To have equanimity in all levels in the society.

He was never behind position and power, he was behind living his purpose. His ammunition was NON VIOLENCE, this ammunition can never be destroyed. To use this ammunition one need strength, not the physical or mental strength but the strength of the core, you call it as soul, atma. This strength is so powerful that once derived this lead in persisting on the path one travels. As we all know how persisting was Gandhiji in carrying out his decision. The whole action is with service as only motive had won hearts of millions and this with purity had made whole world listen to his words and follow him.

I could learn a lot from this experience. I could reflect myself. I could strengthen my purpose.

I invite you to identify your purpose.

If you feel the world is boring, If you feel that there nothing new around, If you feel that there is nothing important you are doing, If you feel simple exhausted by the end of the day, If you think what is that you had been doing till today and you have no clue whatsoever.....etc then It is time for you.

Let is live a purposeful life.

With Love,
C.J.Jeyachander, .

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