Friday, February 26, 2016


Sabarmathi ......Non Violence....Poorna Swaraj....Peace....Strength....Service....Persistence....

The above are few words that comes to mind which empowers our nervous system. Recently I had been to Ahmedabad for a purpose. When I said PURPOSE until I made it caps the whole essence would have lost. That is what our life is.

Though the words like


is mentioned in the first line until importance is given in a way of highlighting those words as above this is easily surpassed by us.

Let us take some time to discuss on these words, their meaning and how they can help us in our purpose. The whole search of man ends with the identification of purpose. When you don't have a purpose in you then you may not be enjoying your life. You might feel that you are missing something in life.

My visit to Ahmedabad is in turn to fulfill my purpose which I had identified and been living for more than a decade.

Why we are discussing about purpose here?

Sabarmathi is a place no can afford to forget in their lifetime. This is the place of purpose, and been lived every moment to fulfill it. Gandhiji had lived his purpose here. When someone asked me what is so special about Sabarmathi apart from Gandhiji, I was startled by the question. I was thinking in many levels and finally I came to an conclusion  and said to that gentleman "If you want to experience how one can live a life of purpose then you be their" .

This purpose is to serve humanity to live in harmony without any discrimination in the form of religion, caste etc. To have equanimity in all levels in the society.

He was never behind position and power, he was behind living his purpose. His ammunition was NON VIOLENCE, this ammunition can never be destroyed. To use this ammunition one need strength, not the physical or mental strength but the strength of the core, you call it as soul, atma. This strength is so powerful that once derived this lead in persisting on the path one travels. As we all know how persisting was Gandhiji in carrying out his decision. The whole action is with service as only motive had won hearts of millions and this with purity had made whole world listen to his words and follow him.

I could learn a lot from this experience. I could reflect myself. I could strengthen my purpose.

I invite you to identify your purpose.

If you feel the world is boring, If you feel that there nothing new around, If you feel that there is nothing important you are doing, If you feel simple exhausted by the end of the day, If you think what is that you had been doing till today and you have no clue whatsoever.....etc then It is time for you.

Let is live a purposeful life.

With Love,
C.J.Jeyachander, .

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jey Speech - Podcast

Food is inversely proportional to GDP...


Listen to my podcast here....

Jey, .

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Winning & Loosing

Is there a difference between winning and loosing?

An average person says YES!

As one go deep into the experience of life, then one understand that there is no difference between winning and loosing. These are two sides of a coin.

I might prefer to call loosing as gaining experience. Loosing is much more valuable than winning.

People do not think about

what happened?
How it happened?
What had to taken care of?
How can it be improved?
Where are the discrepencies?
So what should I do next?

These are all question of analysis of something that had not worked according to human plan which allows us to understand and take account of the situation. These moments are learning moments.

Instead of doing above, people usually with very few exceptions ask,

Why did it happen to me?
Why only me?
Had lost everything?
Am a failure?

by asking these questions one will definitely enters into deep depression.

If you want you can also try asking the above questions at your own risk.

People who had asked elevating question to understand the situation through rational analysis are the ones who had been successful.

If you ask me what is winning?

My answer will be,

The amount of learning one had gone through in perfecting themselves while attempting to succeed is called winning.

This world need people who can refine themselves and evolve to greater heights in,


areas of development.

Any new thing if you want to learn then you must understand that you are a learner. By the way nothing on this earth is perfect. Anything that is going to achieve the level of perfection mean it is the END for that.

Every other invention, process, system is evolving every moment.

By the end of life time if one turn back and see what winning and loosing is for them they will realize that life is ever changing and evolving and it is important for us to keep on updating and upgrading ourselves.

Never take your not reaching your goal as is just a point for us to understand that we need to fine tune our knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Our behaviour is the product of Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities.

Every moment is a learning moment.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Following is our experience which had been shared to become aware of guidance from the existence that is always here with all of us.

We started from home to day morning at around 8.20 am for a shoot in one of the leading television channel. I thought on the way to drop in to our centre at Malleswaram to collect few books to gift. Our car moved to our centre and after a few minutes my life partner who was accompanying me went to our centre and came back faster with few books. From there we left to the place as we had only the address of the destination and we thought to reach the nearest place and find out the exact location. On the way our car moved from Malleswaram to west of cord road while traveling we were asking for information to reach Pappireddy palaya and we took left towards the bridge above to take right towards Magadi road, traffic was cool as the metro construction is going on still was time there for the traffic to catch up. We were guided in the WOC road by an auto person from the place where we enquired to take right turn on the 3rd signal. We started moving as was bit free we crossed two traffic signals and finally had to wait in the third signal. As on the way I browsed around to find concrete blocks been kept below the over head metro. My mind all of a sudden started generating a thought as if what might happen if the overhead bridge falls on the car and mind with fraction of second started popping with few more thoughts. I was conscious and was aware to read these thoughts arising within me which was very much not common for me until there is a kind of information from the universal consciousness. Though my rational judgmental mind discarded it but my inner awareness just made sure in reformatting and projecting to the universe in a kind of necessary change and protection appropriately with guidance from the existence. We then took right and were travelling towards Nagarbhavi road where on the way we just stopped to have something, as I became aware that we still have much time to arrive at early. This kind of thought was unusual as many are aware that I don’t have breakfast and we had a bit and Anuradha enquired for the address with the hotelier as he was not aware I enquired with auto guy there. He asked us to reverse back and take right after travelling a little back from where we came, we did the same. As we were driving we once again checked for address a little further with a person on scooter (Just note asking for address which we never do so often- we will discuss by end). Then we took left and once again right as he directed and we moved up the road where we joined nagarbhavi road from there we went as directed. As we reached the road near pappi reddy pallaia I was aware of before we started as we have to travel on this road which was a direct but all these many rights and left was bit making me aware. We took right and was traveling were we once again asked for the address as someone said we have to go reverse and we took reverse and was moving not so long as we just crossed a four way there was no signal and something made me to drive left though the path was very much clear, at the same time I heard a scream at the back ground and I turned my head back to saw people screaming just then we heard a bang on the rear of our car while I saw a big truck fully loaded with sand was moving right away and travel with great speed which was raising ahead and on the median as the truck climbed across and racing further I was seeing the truck was sliding towards the left about to fall. That moment as I was going through the moment my mind automatically was entering into a deep state where everything slowed down and my mind of saying the truck will become steady and halt without any injury to anyone. Just within few moments slowly a little ahead the truck crashed on the lamp post on the median along with plants and stopped finally with median in between wheels of right and left side. We too stopped a little further. Everyone were just rushing towards our vehicle looking us safe as I opened the door with complete wellness in mind and heart I heard them saying “it is a miracle” “just escaped from death”, ”Divine is with us” etc. After seeing around soon went to see Anuradha, she was still coming out of shock. Tear’s rolling out from her eyes. Gave some water and just did a reframing using language with a theta visualization of removing the energy of the experience so that the memory carries the experience and not the disturbing energy attached. The traffic police who was coming back stopped the bike and took over the situation asked me to collect a letter for claiming the insurance. As we found the time was running, I took my camera and clicked few snaps which been posted here. We then as a normal traveler went and had the shoot done and returned back home feeling completely safe and guided of this MIRACULOUS experience. It is our REBIRTH today.

Important awareness of message from within to note:

The time though been decided for the mishap to take place, when one is with self the self guides them in the way done in the experience making me to go to our centre, having breakfast, often asking for address, take different paths, etc all these are to shift the time which finally made the impact very much negligible.

The impact in the vehicle is a mark, seal of reaffirmation as well as confirmation of my direction and my purpose of life to share myself with all.

It is a miracle. Imagine the circumstances when everything was happening at the right time. The meeting was definitely possible. This guidance is purely form within downloaded from the existence in my journey within.

This is just not an experience as everyone said divine is with us. I want to say Divine is within and only meditation of total communion with self helped to become still were the state is zero within mind and myself commanding the situation in control.

Till the moment in this case was not shown what will happen but was in the moment to moment in the present. This momentary consciousness if from the knack of being with me from an order discovered within.

Mediation in THETA happens even with eyes open and today’s experience is an validation of its potential consciously.

Finally I am aware without even a speck of doubt in my mind that it is a REBIRTH for fulfilling my purpose of life.

MIRACLE is happening, only your awareness is needed to become aware of the guidance from within to believe it in your mind. Just believe is my option, I guess even you want to do, do it.

Love & Light,

Swami Anand Prem
(Shihan C.J.Jeyachander)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings, few learnings was guessing might be interesting to share here. Winners have an attitude to excell in every situation and say in every moment. Now the question is the attitude. Many have the opinnion of winning only is possible when someone must loose the game, winning is a kind of competition where there can be only one winner. If some one has these kind of attitude then one can definitly garuntee ones failure after their first win. This period of time demands a winner in you but not at the cost of others loosing.
Winner need a win -win attitude, that is you win and also help others who is along with you in your,
1) Family
2) Neighbhours
3) Friends
4) Colleagues
5) Team Members
etc.. too wins. This I am of the opinion is true winning. Human are soical beings and you cannot win alone because from the day one of your journey you taken something from others, remember as children we take from our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, peers etc. and as we grow up we expect others should and must listen to ourselves and if we feel them over powering then one completely avoids the whole situation. Here it is to learn, as learning is a process, we help others also to see, hear and feel themselves a winner and this is an responsibility of true winner, whom I am very much with. The winner who makes the other a leader is THE LEADER.
We had been taught from child, to manage and handle relationships better, in a most advanced levels been finding parents teaching communication tactics of what the learn and follow personaly in their personal relation to their children. This we call it as conditioning and this is good as far as the child wants to win at the expense of others, though this is more diplomatic and hypocritical.
If one is a WINNER then there is no,
Inhibition, fear of failure, fear of loosing within. one is very much stabkle, satisfied, self contended, knows what it is from all points of view and one can find the winner as resourceful and self initiated and motivated and well towards reaching his/her objective not much invovled in other unnecessary matters, issues away from what is needed keeping and working a relationship of independence.
Dependence - Autocratic leaders want others to be dependent on them, as I call these kind as MASTERS -SLAVE relationship.
Interdependence - Diplomatic and Hypocritical leadership style fall under this category ehich is very much all together fall under present day leadership and this has been taught everywhere.
Independent - A true relationship knowing what can be needed, with transperency in communication, genuinity and integrity with all, being and identifying one with members of team, sharing responsibilities equally, coaching subtely to identify the resources to excell and evolve in all areas and helping them to take the ownership of their success.
By the way when everything is over... just leaving unidentified as if done nothing is what I mean a TRUE LEADER, WINNER...

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander,
Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Spiritual Being..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings, Winners are winners by the way when the whole life has been viewed as GESTALT that is whole not in parts. For others a moment of someone may be successful and winning but for the person sometimes they may not feel it as winning.

Samrat Ashoka the great emperor who had the thrust to win and fought a battel which was extradinary during his time as this is even standing today as everyone of us know about it but for him when he was visiting the battle field after the war he could witness something were his minds proportion of winning was totally distroyed by the bodies lying dead and the pain running deep into the nerves of people suffering loosing their near and dear as wifes missing husbands, mother their sons, sons and daughter their father etc.

No compensation can help the others who fought in the battle field for each one of them it is a failure and for their families where the bread winners have gone now what is remaining is the great question.

It is the perception of a person which decides the WINNING standard not the situation on the whole.

Ashoka who was an emperor with great intellectual ability of discrimination as well as intelligence took a great feedback from the battle field and said to himself that he had misserable failed though it was a victory for him as well as his empire but as an emperor of self consciousness his divine self had shinned within him to make him realize that it was an failur for him.

But the war on the whole which was an winning to him but an failure for the whole human race of his time but then he became an buddist monk and all his life he became instrumental in spreading buddist philosophy around to spread love and kindness which is an great victory of his life personally as well as socially.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings from us, after long might be we may be wondering but to realize how fast the clock is ticking. Time just runs faster and what had been done by us?.

Success come to people who are ready to take the feedback and capitalize on it

What does the above statement mean?

Every moment that one face is nothing but an experience. This experience is been experienced by the person or the experiencer which is uniquely their own. Most of us don't consider this first of all and take responsibility on their own, instead they put their blame on the other person, situation and circumstances.

To be clear here, it is ones own self which is creating a meaning based on which the projection been carried out in mind. This projection is been projected on the mental screen. Meaning conceived is only from ones own mind and other than yours no one had shown, said your mind to conceive the way it had done in a moment. This formation of meaning in a situation is based on the past experience that had been experienced and stored in mind.

Successful people know that every moment is new and they are open to feedbacks that they receive and their way of action is towards achieving the common goal. The average person just react because of their mental projection as they take it as criticism of their self and want to defend themselves finding out ways and means to rationalize that they are right.

Now the crux here is not just reading will help but to internalize by becoming aware of whats happening to you subjectively and objectively just answer,

1) I am I acting or reacting
2) I am I feeling bad of others, situation
3) I am I blaming
4) I am I finding faults on others
5) I am I just leaving my action of taking now on the circumstances

If you answer the above then you might observe yourself becoming outcentered than self centered. Success is a process and it is not that you do once then you can forget about it for long thats what many are assuming till they reach a point where they start reacting.

Let us make this process our own and our life better.

Shihan C.J.J.C .