Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Winning & Loosing

Is there a difference between winning and loosing?

An average person says YES!

As one go deep into the experience of life, then one understand that there is no difference between winning and loosing. These are two sides of a coin.

I might prefer to call loosing as gaining experience. Loosing is much more valuable than winning.

People do not think about

what happened?
How it happened?
What had to taken care of?
How can it be improved?
Where are the discrepencies?
So what should I do next?

These are all question of analysis of something that had not worked according to human plan which allows us to understand and take account of the situation. These moments are learning moments.

Instead of doing above, people usually with very few exceptions ask,

Why did it happen to me?
Why only me?
Had lost everything?
Am a failure?

by asking these questions one will definitely enters into deep depression.

If you want you can also try asking the above questions at your own risk.

People who had asked elevating question to understand the situation through rational analysis are the ones who had been successful.

If you ask me what is winning?

My answer will be,

The amount of learning one had gone through in perfecting themselves while attempting to succeed is called winning.

This world need people who can refine themselves and evolve to greater heights in,


areas of development.

Any new thing if you want to learn then you must understand that you are a learner. By the way nothing on this earth is perfect. Anything that is going to achieve the level of perfection mean it is the END for that.

Every other invention, process, system is evolving every moment.

By the end of life time if one turn back and see what winning and loosing is for them they will realize that life is ever changing and evolving and it is important for us to keep on updating and upgrading ourselves.

Never take your not reaching your goal as loosing...it is just a point for us to understand that we need to fine tune our knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Our behaviour is the product of Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities.

Every moment is a learning moment.


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