Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings from us, after long might be we may be wondering but to realize how fast the clock is ticking. Time just runs faster and what had been done by us?.

Success come to people who are ready to take the feedback and capitalize on it

What does the above statement mean?

Every moment that one face is nothing but an experience. This experience is been experienced by the person or the experiencer which is uniquely their own. Most of us don't consider this first of all and take responsibility on their own, instead they put their blame on the other person, situation and circumstances.

To be clear here, it is ones own self which is creating a meaning based on which the projection been carried out in mind. This projection is been projected on the mental screen. Meaning conceived is only from ones own mind and other than yours no one had shown, said your mind to conceive the way it had done in a moment. This formation of meaning in a situation is based on the past experience that had been experienced and stored in mind.

Successful people know that every moment is new and they are open to feedbacks that they receive and their way of action is towards achieving the common goal. The average person just react because of their mental projection as they take it as criticism of their self and want to defend themselves finding out ways and means to rationalize that they are right.

Now the crux here is not just reading will help but to internalize by becoming aware of whats happening to you subjectively and objectively just answer,

1) I am I acting or reacting
2) I am I feeling bad of others, situation
3) I am I blaming
4) I am I finding faults on others
5) I am I just leaving my action of taking now on the circumstances

If you answer the above then you might observe yourself becoming outcentered than self centered. Success is a process and it is not that you do once then you can forget about it for long thats what many are assuming till they reach a point where they start reacting.

Let us make this process our own and our life better.

Shihan C.J.J.C .

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