Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Winners never quit and those who quit never win

But they win in other way for example imagine when does one quit and what may be the reasons for withdrwing.

When does one quite

When the situation cannot be handled
more pressure
one sees s/he nor capable enough
not competent enough
one does not understand the dynamics
who does not know the power within one self
one overestimates or underestimates the other person, group or situation
one physically, mentally or / and spitirually cannot handle
when situation or persons involved are against moral, ethical values and beliefs


in all the above situation based on the persons value one WINS eventhough s/he is quiting from it.

Any one who quits will enjoy calmness, peace, contentment if based on moral, ethical values and also for the benefit of upkeeping ones health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If one quits without understanding s/he may cribb and brood upon what had happened so that the thoughts become so obcessive as one starts balmming others, abusing others verbally and also behaving irrationally. This kind may lead to abnormal behaviour and affect both physically and mentally, it is very much so if one is in hands of unproductive habbits like smoking, drinking etc.

Understand your capabilities, skills and knowledge which leads towards competency in any area, if you are not successfull then become aware of what is that you want to focus upon and improve. Get ready for it.

If you are not in a position to zero down the area or the cause then get help froma competent person who can really help you in all levels.

Then acquire the things that you need from the sources where it is available. Here there is a caution for you you may come across many me too products and people and every thing at that point of time looks same. As one is in trance one may decide a service which does not satisfy the requirement, choose less competent person to lift you up, this you may decide based on many other things like money, time, need of this moment. some times there may be quick fixes which works for that time and you feel and see yourself allright but the problem still existing. This is like you take your vehicle to a mechanic shop and there if you are ready to afford if they say that the whole part has to be changed you decide in long run and decide that and go ahead but some of them ask for some other alternative, now the mechanic if good and competent will warn you saying that it is a quick fix and may stay for some time and waits for your decision even at this moment some go for new but few look out for reworked part which not only stays there for some time but also helps other parts to get worn out soon.

Take a moment how many time you had decided in your life like this. Decide on what you want and not on other benefits that is offered to you. If you want knowledge look out for competency in trainer or facilitator not on other things. I have many friend travelling to India from different parts of world and they are look out for the competency, capability of trainer, facilitator rather than the place of training, the food offered etc. If you want the same then you can go for an good hotel or an restaurant to have the same.

Now as a winner take some moment to decide,

What you want
When you want it
Where it is available

and just - GO FOR IT NOW...tommorrow never come it is only NOW.

Others wait for tommorrow or next time but Winners do it now.

- Shihan C.J.Jeyachander.

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