Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dear friends, we are all here to WIN and it is our birth right. How many of us are clear in what we want. I had heared people saying well,

He is lucky enough or she is the luckiest
I am not confident enough
I don't know what went wrong
I can't do that Because...
It always happens to me

These are some in many that people say. Winning is an attitude and this attitude never succeeds with having a WIN - LOOSE or LOOSE -WIN or LOOSE - LOOSE mind set. Just take a moment and check out for yourself by asking this question.

Why I want to WIN
Why I don't want to LOOSE

Well, some of you may give,

I want to show to_________________(my people, my friends, my father, my mother, others) that I am a winner,

In the same way your answer for the second question may be

I don't want to put my face down in front of others (or)
I don't want to be a looser once again (or)
I don't want to be left here all alone etc..

Hmmm, I know at some level the list is endless and you will be astonished to infer the following as this post is towards this.

1) One has to do some thing for SELF and not for OTHERS satisfaction, then the person spend all his or her energy, knowledge, skills, capabilities towards it. Here I am not saying not do help, or guide others I mean that what ever you do do it for yourself.

2) Create a WIN - WIN situation and this will make you a leader, as people around allways want to WIN and you have to make this winning contagious. Just think for a moment in a interaction between you and anyother person which I call it as IR - Individual Realtion, how many times you had given the oppurtunity for others to WIN.

Human are bit fearfull to help other person WIN, They assume that they may loose their power, or others may take advantage of them etc. Truth is you will become a LEADER if you help others to win.

so we are BORN TO WIN and winning is our birth right and you will make it your own the moment you help others in all ways to WIN.

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander

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