Monday, March 23, 2009


C.J.Jeyachander, from my days of so young was I am then, fascinated with mind, my deep interest in exploring mind to understand relationships of various kind with others and mine, with self and other material things, between others, between objects, between objects and others, between mind and self, between universe and self, between body and mind, between mind and soul had made me to become a explorer.

My Expedition started when I did made a choice to explore and had explored many territories and still carrying on further. In every break that I take when Iam in a territory, I stop to first with complete awareness to explore carefully, subtly and understand the new knowledge and experience the raw nature of overt and covert information without making my own preconcieved knowledge cover my exploration. Then as it always move on as I am ready to understand it to finally integrate for my self. Practical application is what I am interested to test any thing that I had integrated to check out allmost in all the levels and keeping on doing it as I and others come across the experience to experience the same of its pros and cons.

Now, after quite some time, I am sharing my knowledge to my fellow travellers in thies life time as many keep on thinking by giving reasons the day is faraway for them to share but it is now here if you choose to do, I better say do it now.

Born to Win, every one of us here are here this moment to WIN, but only thing is that we are not aware of HOW TO?. Doubts, dellimas, problems, challenges, circumsatances are always there which we dont understand whether they are here helping us or working against us. Rest assured to excell one self to WIN then oppurtunities are created for us to show our expertise and win.

Here I am to share my self with every one of how to make winning a model of sharing with others rather than making it as a competitive approach.

Relationship, Sharing is what the mantra is for anyone to WIN.

Winners help and guide others to win - Shihan C.J.Jeyachander, 23-03-09, Bangalore, India.

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