Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings, Winners are winners by the way when the whole life has been viewed as GESTALT that is whole not in parts. For others a moment of someone may be successful and winning but for the person sometimes they may not feel it as winning.

Samrat Ashoka the great emperor who had the thrust to win and fought a battel which was extradinary during his time as this is even standing today as everyone of us know about it but for him when he was visiting the battle field after the war he could witness something were his minds proportion of winning was totally distroyed by the bodies lying dead and the pain running deep into the nerves of people suffering loosing their near and dear as wifes missing husbands, mother their sons, sons and daughter their father etc.

No compensation can help the others who fought in the battle field for each one of them it is a failure and for their families where the bread winners have gone now what is remaining is the great question.

It is the perception of a person which decides the WINNING standard not the situation on the whole.

Ashoka who was an emperor with great intellectual ability of discrimination as well as intelligence took a great feedback from the battle field and said to himself that he had misserable failed though it was a victory for him as well as his empire but as an emperor of self consciousness his divine self had shinned within him to make him realize that it was an failur for him.

But the war on the whole which was an winning to him but an failure for the whole human race of his time but then he became an buddist monk and all his life he became instrumental in spreading buddist philosophy around to spread love and kindness which is an great victory of his life personally as well as socially.


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