Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Friends,
Greetings, few learnings was guessing might be interesting to share here. Winners have an attitude to excell in every situation and say in every moment. Now the question is the attitude. Many have the opinnion of winning only is possible when someone must loose the game, winning is a kind of competition where there can be only one winner. If some one has these kind of attitude then one can definitly garuntee ones failure after their first win. This period of time demands a winner in you but not at the cost of others loosing.
Winner need a win -win attitude, that is you win and also help others who is along with you in your,
1) Family
2) Neighbhours
3) Friends
4) Colleagues
5) Team Members
etc.. too wins. This I am of the opinion is true winning. Human are soical beings and you cannot win alone because from the day one of your journey you taken something from others, remember as children we take from our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, peers etc. and as we grow up we expect others should and must listen to ourselves and if we feel them over powering then one completely avoids the whole situation. Here it is to learn, as learning is a process, we help others also to see, hear and feel themselves a winner and this is an responsibility of true winner, whom I am very much with. The winner who makes the other a leader is THE LEADER.
We had been taught from child, to manage and handle relationships better, in a most advanced levels been finding parents teaching communication tactics of what the learn and follow personaly in their personal relation to their children. This we call it as conditioning and this is good as far as the child wants to win at the expense of others, though this is more diplomatic and hypocritical.
If one is a WINNER then there is no,
Inhibition, fear of failure, fear of loosing within. one is very much stabkle, satisfied, self contended, knows what it is from all points of view and one can find the winner as resourceful and self initiated and motivated and well towards reaching his/her objective not much invovled in other unnecessary matters, issues away from what is needed keeping and working a relationship of independence.
Dependence - Autocratic leaders want others to be dependent on them, as I call these kind as MASTERS -SLAVE relationship.
Interdependence - Diplomatic and Hypocritical leadership style fall under this category ehich is very much all together fall under present day leadership and this has been taught everywhere.
Independent - A true relationship knowing what can be needed, with transperency in communication, genuinity and integrity with all, being and identifying one with members of team, sharing responsibilities equally, coaching subtely to identify the resources to excell and evolve in all areas and helping them to take the ownership of their success.
By the way when everything is over... just leaving unidentified as if done nothing is what I mean a TRUE LEADER, WINNER...

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander,
Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Spiritual Being..

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